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Galíndez, Medrano & Asociados: Presentation at the Chamber of Commerce of Panama on "Global Minimum Tax and its Impact on Multinational Groups in Panama"

On March 12, 2024, a highly significant conference on international fiscal matters was held, titled "Global Minimum Tax and its Impact on Multinational Groups in Panama." The event featured prominent experts Frida Medrano and José Galíndez from, who shared their insights and expertise on this current and pivotal topic.

The concept of Global Minimum Tax has gained significant importance in recent years, amidst a global scenario where tax evasion and tax avoidance by large multinational companies have raised concerns worldwide. Various countries have sought to implement measures to ensure that corporations contribute fairly and equitably to the tax revenues of the nations in which they operate.

In the specific case of Panama, a country with a significant presence of multinational groups, the discussion regarding the Global Minimum Tax becomes even more relevant. The implementation of this measure could have a significant impact on the tax planning of companies operating in the country, as well as on the Panamanian economy as a whole.

During the conference, Medrano and Galíndez addressed various aspects related to the Global Minimum Tax, such as its scope, implications, and possible strategies for compliance. Additionally, specific implications for multinational groups with a presence in Panama were discussed, along with the opportunities and challenges that this measure could pose for them.

In summary, the conference on the Global Minimum Tax and its impact on multinational groups in Panama proved to be a crucial space for reflection and analysis to understand the challenges and opportunities that this fiscal measure poses for companies and the Panamanian economy as a whole. Events like this undoubtedly make a significant contribution to enriching the debate on international taxation and promoting greater transparency and fairness in the global tax system.

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