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Galíndez, Medrano y Asociados at AmCham 2024 | Understanding and Adapting to the Global Minimum Tax in Panama

In today's business world, adaptability to legislative and tax changes is crucial to the success of any organization. In this context, the recent exclusive event for AMCHAM members, entitled "Understanding and Adapting to the Global Minimum Tax in Panama", presented by José Galíndez and Frida Medrano of Galíndez, Medrano & Asociados, has been of great relevance for professionals in the sector. en AmCham 2024 en AmCham 2024

The topic addressed in the event has become especially important in the context of the implementation of the Global Minimum Tax in Panama. The need to understand and adjust to these new tax regulations is essential to ensure compliance and financial sustainability of companies in the country.

The virtual modality in which the event was held allowed participants to access valuable and updated information from the comfort of their homes or offices. The interaction between speakers and attendees in real time facilitated the exchange of ideas and the resolution of doubts, thus enriching the learning experience.

The AMCHAM Legislation and Tax Committee has once again demonstrated its commitment to the training and updating of its members, providing spaces for reflection and analysis on topics of relevance to the Panamanian business environment.

In conclusion, events such as the aforementioned are not only an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge, but also to establish professional contacts and strengthen the collaboration network in the sector. Adaptability and proactivity in the face of regulatory changes are essential qualities in today's business world, and forums such as this one are a step in the right direction to achieve success in a competitive and dynamic environment.

In summary, the event "Understanding and Adapting to the Global Minimum Tax in Panama" has been an enriching and useful space for professionals in the sector, thanks to the expertise and commitment of the speakers and AMCHAM's initiative to promote knowledge and continuous updating in tax and legislative matters in the country.

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