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Information Exchange: Trends in Latin America

The exchange of financial account information (AEOI/CRS/FATCA and EOIR) is just warming up.

EOIR requests, far from decreasing, are set to increase in the coming years as a result of AEOI/CRS/FATCA. In parallel, the US federal income tax withholding system (Nonqualified Intermediaries and Qualified Intermediaries) is invigorated by global investors' appetite for US financial assets.

On 6 August, we talked about the regulatory machinery represented by these regimes whose point of convergence is the beneficial owner with:

José Andrés Romero - Partner at GIINTAX

Isaác Gonzalo Arias - Director of CIAT Gemma Paton García

Prof Univ Castilla La Mancha Spain

José Luis Galíndez - Partner of Galindez Medrano & Asoc.

Event moderated by Reynaldo Diaz, Director of Connectax Organised by: CONNECTAX, IESA and CAPITAL FINANCIERO


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