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Transfer Pricing: Business Models in the Context of #Covid19

The experts in Transfer Pricing:

JOSE GALINDEZ - Partner at Galindez Medrano Asoc - Panama

TANIA QUISPE-MANSILLA - Partner of +Value - Peru

FRIDA MEDRANO - Partner of Galindez Medrano Asoc - Panama

CARLOS PEREZ-GOMEZ - Partner of MAAT Asesores - Mexico

We were offered in this 2nd edition a complete visual of how Business Models in Transnationals will be impacted and what would be triggered in terms of Transfer Pricing and even more what Tax Administrations could be focused on doing as a result of these changes closely linked to the current crisis.

Moderated by Reynaldo Diaz Director of Connectax Organised by CONNECTAX, IESA PANAMA and CAPITAL FINANCIERO.

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